Finishes and Colors

Standard Steel Frame Powder Coat Finish

Having worked in the shelter industry for up to 15 years at other manufacturers, the owners of ICON Shelter Systems, Inc. have heard enough complaints from customers who received shelters with inferior finishes. No matter how much design savvy and expertise is put into the fabrication of your steel structure, it all comes to nothing if the finish doesn't hold up to the elements. Therefore, the standard steel frame finish for all ICON shelters is a TGIC powder coat over a durable electro-coat epoxy primer. The process is described as follows:

    1. The steel shall be shot-blasted to the specification of SSPC-SP10 (shot-blasted to near white condition), this will remove all oil residue, mill scale, weld spatter and slag.
    2. The steel is washed and zinc phosphated in an eight stage electro deposition (E-coat) pretreatment process.
    3. It is immersed in an electro-statically applied liquid epoxy and coated to a uniform 0.7-0.9 mils. This E-coat totally encapsulates the part, preventing rusting.
    4. A double coat of TGIC polyester powder is applied, one coat of color and one clear coating for a final finish that is 8-12 mils thick.
    5. All materials shall be inspected to meet 100% coating, proper cure, film thickness and impact resistance.

Color to be selected from the manufacturer's standard color chart.

In highly corrosive environments, ICON recommends that the steel frame receive a hot-dipped zinc galvanizing prior to finish. While this may provide a less than smooth finish, the galvanizing will provide added protection against corrosion in coastal areas where salt spray is in the air.

ICON Shelter Systems, Inc. offers the best, most durable finish in the industry. The way we figure, it’s easier to produce a benchmark product than it is to justify cutting corners.


Ash Gray
Wittek Green
Red Baron
Blue Streak
Surrey Beige
Pedestal Gray
Fern Green
Fence Brown
Evenflo White
Eastern Green
Dow Black
Dutch Blue

ICON Metal Panel Roof Colors

Ash Gray
Brite Red
Regal Blue
Regal White
Surrey Beige
Matte Black
Terra Cotta
Light Stone
Copper Penny
Colonial Red
Patrician Bronze
Patina Green
Galvalume Plus**
Roman Blue*
Casco Orange
Dark Bronze
Silver Metallic
Sandstone Metallic
Slate Gray
Bone White
Medium Bronze
Mansard Brown
Hartford Green

* = Roman Blue in Standing Seam may incur extra costs

** = Galvalume Plus is not Kynar 500 coated

Actual colors may cary. Color samples are available upon request from your local ICON sales representative.

ICON's line of Industry Standard Shelters can be modified and accessorized in many ways to produce a custom looking structure. You chan change the the overall size in one foot increments, raise or lower the roof pitch, raise the eave height, extend the eave overhang, and add a roof tier or two without adding custom design charges.

Accessorize the shelter with one or more of the many optional features, such as: cupolas & weathervanes, handrails & overhead ornamentation, clocks, premium columns, enclosure panels, and display cases. ICON designers and engineers can work with you to modify the features of any shelter. For more information on modifications, please visit the “Engineering” and “Design/Bid” links above.

Check out the individual pages linked below for information on how you can create a shelter unique to your park.